How To Write a Winning Sales Email 

Would you like to get a response and traction from emails to potential clients?


Below are 6 things I’ve found make a difference.

Use Your Tone of Voice

You are looking for your tribe: people you connect with. Though it’s important to be respectful and polite, this is not the time to use stiff corporate language. The client wants to get a sense of who you are and your work, introduce them to both using your tone of voice.  

Write as if You’re Writing to a Friend

If you get hung up on finding the words to get your message across, imagine you are writing this email to a good friend. Once you have completed the email, tweak the language to be suitable for the client you have in mind while keeping a friendly and welcoming tone. 

Provide Your Client a Solution

What are the needs of your potential client? If you’re aligned with their style, subject, budget, or something else, let them know why you’re compatible and how you can help. 

Be Clear Why You’re Getting in Touch

Are you looking to be considered as a supplier for their ad campaign or checking-in to see if you’re a good fit for their social media? Be specific with how you would like to work with them and show the relevant work to support why you’re a good fit. 

Include a Call To Action

Lead the client to the next step. If you would like a meeting, include possible dates and times. If you would like feedback, add your site and ask if you are well suited for what they work on. Without a call to action, you or they do not have reason to follow up.  

Approach With Their Perspective in Mind

Overall put yourself in your client’s shoes. They are likely busy, often interrupted, and in need of production partners that make them look good and do a great job. Do your best to be to the point, brief, friendly, relevant, provide solutions, answer questions they may have, and share your work in a convenient way. 

I hope these pointers help with your next batch of outreach. Is there something I missed or a tip you find works? Please comment below. Love to hear what has worked for you. 

Photo Credit: Orfeas Masa

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