What to do when you’re stuck in a rut, and how to move forward | Goal Setting

Ever get that dark pit in your stomach? Anxiety, fear, failure, or a weight that makes you want to lay down on the ground wherever you are? I had that today. I’ve felt myself slide two steps back, and it made me think what a perfect opportunity to share some of the steps I’ve found for getting back on track, while I do it myself.  


So What Happened? 

I started this business to help commercial artists get the projects they want, and I have been doing just that. What I didn’t expect was just how different my business model needed to be to help specific sectors of clients; this has me evaluating how to move forward.  

While Working Through This Challenge, It Took Some Time To Notice I Was Sliding Backwards Because I Was Stuck on How To Move Forward

Why Is This Relevant to You and Your Business?

  • I’ll breakdown how to get out of a backslide, move forward and the tools I use to get s*** done.
  • Seeing others struggle can make us feel better.  It is a reminder we are in this together, figuring things out as we go. 


If I Want Out of This Rut and To Build Towards Soomething, Even as I Figure Out What That Something Is, I Need a Path and a Process To Get There

So Here We Go…

We’ll start by clarifying our goals and set up a process to create the change we need to get what we want. 

What Is the Ultimate Goal I Am Working Towards? Where Am I Going?  

If you haven’t defined this before, let’s get clear on your destination; have a brainstorm, make a vision board, whatever helps you flesh out what your goal(s) are. Be as broad or as detailed as you like; get it all down.

Now Dig a Little Deeper, Ask Yourself Whom You Want To Be, or Better Yet, Whom You Need To Be To Accomplish the Goals You Have

What are some traits or skills you need to develop?

What do you need to do, learn or accomplish along your journey to help you get to your ultimate goal? 

If you can connect whom you need to be to get what you want, it’s much much easier to commit to the actions you need to take, and perhaps more importantly, get back up when you stumble. For example, if you see your future as a major animation studio, losing a few sales or not getting the agent you want along the way won’t throw you off. It’s just part of the journey. 

Take Some Time With This Brainstorm, Do a Few Rounds, Review and Modify What’s Important to You

I’ve created both a goal list and a vision board; each helped me clear up what I wanted for different parts of my work and life. I’ve hung the vision board in a place I regularly see. It’s helped me as a daily reminder and pushes me to keep taking steps in the right direction. The goal list has helped me breakdown in words exactly what it is I am looking to do. 

What Will Move the Needle To Make Your Goal a Reality? 

Next, list each goal and all the little steps that contribute to making it happen. Again, get as detailed as possible; this is key. If you want to work with Nike, what has to happen for you to get there? Research who has the account, who the marketing manager is, what needs to be in your reel/book, what you need to add to your work, how would you get in touch, what you would share, etc. Get all the possibilities out in your list. 

Put a Big Star Next to What Actions Will Make the Most Significant Difference Towards Your Goal

Next Blog, We’ll Talk About How To Create a Process and Stick to It. The Process Is Where The Real Change and Progress Happens

Photo Credit: Averie Woodard

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