How It Works

The results you need to get the work you want

We align your communication and craft with that of your clients to win the projects you want and get paid what you’re worth

How It Works

It all starts with a 20-minute intro call to get a feel for where you are in your career, what you or your studio would like to accomplish, the challenges you are facing, and how I can help.

Based on this call, I will recommend how we can best achieve the results you want and a format to move forward with; this could be a 1-2 hour consult or ongoing guidance over the phone, in person, or video call. 


1-2 Hour Consult

Our goal is to have you walking away from our meeting with clarity, results, and an action plan based on what you want to accomplish.  Often I share questions before our session to hit the ground running and get the most out of our time together.  Past clients have used the 1-2 consult to get clear on their message and pitch, how to contact and approach clients, review the sales and marketing materials they need or edit the content they have. Whatever will move the needle for you is where we will focus.


Ongoing Guidance (2 meetings and beyond)

First, we get clear on what you want to accomplish and, if applicable,  big-picture goals. We create a workback of specific A to B steps to get you rolling right away and design an overarching strategy for your near and distant future to keep you on track. Everything is results based to make sure your actions create real change.

Once we have a strategy and schedule in place, we work through it together step-by-step having regular calls and check-ins.  I have as much or as little involvement as you need. I am here to offer my experience, knowledge, and provide a sounding board while keeping you supported and accountable.  Our goals, results, timeline, and mode of communication are all approved by you before our kickoff to make sure you are getting precisely what you want and need.


Who Is This Right For?

Photographers, Directors, CGI, Animation, Content, and Digital studios at any point in their career in need of a little or a lot of help to win the work they want.

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